Apparently, I'm a racist because


I don’t like this shit in MY country.

Virginia mayor urged to resign after saying Biden picked ‘Aunt Jemima’ as his running mate


Or this…


So, the question is: Are you all racist too?!



Hey, we all have prejudices… some of us try not to let them rule our minds


No seriously, I’m called out as racist for pushing back at the racist foundation of this country and how it implicitly and explicitly impacts us daily.


I hear it from righttards all the time, YOU’RE the racist because you keep bringing up race! I thought you LIBS were more tolerant!


Serious gas lighting.


Another Outrage::rage:


Me too, my bigoted brother called me a racist, I’m so hurt.


It just makes you wonder WTF kind of shit for brains they have?


Motherfucker’s a true idiot, he has always resented me for his own lack of intelligence.


Give him time tho, you’re still sibs…and that means a little something to most of us.


I’m good! I didn’t talk to him at all for over a year and it was fine. He started messaging me here and there awhile back… then melted down over Black Lives Matter… but he can’t be a racsist since he can’t even spell it, I’m the racist for condemning him for not sharing my opinion… being a racist, bigot isn’t an opinion it’s being a racist bigot which is why he flipped out. Seriously, if I ever see him again I’ll be preparing to unleash some violence to protect myself. Of all the people I know he’s the worst.


Meh. I had to cast my bro out in to the outer darkness, and tho we’ve had our little talk since, we don’t really connect.


Sorry old friend.


I have a brother like that too. I’m totally embarrassed by him because my dad was an extreme anti racist leftist and my mom is a Democrat liberal of her time. We were taught to NOT be racist, actively taught. I used the N word one time when I was in elementary school. I got a belting I’ll never forget.

So, what my brother is doing now is only a sign of how broken he is, in my opinion. Of course, he was in corrections. Why are “cops” the worst?

We haven’t spoken since 2008…and I intend to keep it that way.


Sometimes you don’t have a choice.


My sister is working up to that sort of exile.



What the hell is going on there?