Artsy Fartsy


Needz moar happy liddle treez.


I myself am a work of art, though some here just say a piece of work.


I’m terrible at trees. Maybe it’s time for a little Bob Ross love.



So the painting of the mountain (in reply link) sold and has gone to its new home.

I actually feel sad that it’s gone. I really wasn’t expecting to feel an attachment to a piece.


I’d think you’d feel attachments to all of them.


No. Some are total crap. It’s like feeling sentiment towards a worksheet or some notes you took about art.

That piece turned out so well for me and I already loved the original so it’s a bit hard to let it go. I liked having it hanging in my house.



Well, it’s an artist’s prerogative (unless it’s a commission) just to say Fukk off, it’s not for sale…eat yer heart out.


My brother is an artist, he’ll give a piece away once in awhile but he doesn’t usually sell his paintings or drawings… he has tons of stuff, this is like a very small fraction of all the shit he has done. He’s at it every day. He does some painting too but I’m not seeing much of it.

I think he does these with ink…

I think this is ink and colored pencil, maybe some marker too.


Tile mosaic on his kitchen wall, this thing is huge…

Tattoo (in progress)


His stuff is so detailed. I can only imagine how long it takes him to complete a piece.


I have done one commission piece so far but I didn’t love it (it was basically textured plaster on canvas in white only). I give away most of my work or make pieces specifically for people.


The first one is mostly ink stippling which is done dot by dot… he has a bunch of those… like over 20 poster sized pieces.

The tattoo I’d guess he has 8-12 hours into.


Found some more photos, here’s a couple paintings, I think they’re both done with acrylic paints. .


Those are spectacular! The detail is unbelievable.