As Sheriff of Spokane County, let me assure you that guns had nothing to do with the unfortunate shooting at the school. I blame yer librul media, No really, stahp laffing!



What makes me sad about this is it’s become so damn common, no one even cares enough to comment. I mean, it’s just another school shooting.


I just didn’t see it but damn does it hit close to homeboth I need proximity (Spokane is the closest big (ya ya I’m a bumpkin!) American city to us and we visit often but I also now have kids in highschool and I honestly worry about it. It just takes one kid with one gun to shoot up a school.

We have a problem with our men folk :frowning:


And thus the clock has been reset as to when it would be appropriate to talk about what to do about this, yet again.


I’ll just leave this here, k?


I read this article and the sheriff raises valid points on all counts even if he didn’t shit on guns.

We have a problem with our men folk.