Bass Players I Wanna Boink


In no particular order, and I’ll try to keep it to five or so.

Catherine Poppen

(look for the green dress and listen for the nasty bassline)

She’s not with Grace Potter these days, now has a trio gig with Norah Jones.and favors a shorter neck Guild.


I thot it was DOWN IN THE RIVER


I just wanna point out that there are ZERO bass players in yer clip.
Also, it’s a different song with different words and shit.



One of my female bass players on my “list” would be a patriarchal hot tub time machine Tina.

(Even tho, this is not a good look on her, I like the art school girl look she did in the Heads)


Yes, in prior editions of BPILF where I allowed myself ten, Tina was always on the list.


shake my head


Picky Picky

And outside of those things ya got nothing :grinning:



Bryn Davies


Perhaps one of the first Rock Bassistas that really caught my attention, tbh I think it was her brilliant use of leather, as much as her playing.
Suzi Quattro


She, too, is on my Long List.