Been nice knowing y'all


Brain cloud or trolling

gotta go with Brain Cloud


I think Obama and Bush were both war mongers. I detest them both. Just sayin’.


BD6 is talking shit about Jews. Go git 'im, Lotus.


Is L_B Jewish


If we pay attention and lern t’ reed, we know these things, and haven’t t’ axe.


Nah, she has a dog, jews don’t like dogs because of the holocaust.


My ex-wife had a dog. Didn’t like taking care of it though. She would have been happy if it could be kept in the closet until she wanted to take it out and play with it, then put itself away when play time was over, 'cause, ya know - she didn’t like putting things away either.


Lord Bowler, the handle, is a tribute to our fallen comrade, Lord Bolton - so I guess it was an easy enough mistake to make.


She put you away :grinning:


Just my money - I’m not spent yet.


Maybe you shud post a pic


…and a dollar figure?

I was thinking you meant of her.


I am 25% Jewish (which doesn’t really qualify me). I do not believe in anti-Semitism, nor do I believe in Zionism. I think both are evil. Israeli policy is pretty much 100% fucked up. Israeli policy does not equal “Jews.” Sorry.


What’s that - the whiney hysterical part? :laughing:

…just kidding.


Which of your many multiple personalities made you post that?


No - I was just joking.
…It’s the hypercritical, accusing part, right?


Which of your multiple personalities makes you “Joke” around like that? Is it the sadistic CON one? The one who reminds me of Milo Yannopoulas?


Hey, look - just be happy I stopped BD before he got rollin.


I remembered you’d said you had some jew, I’d forgotten it was that much, but now that I think about it, I do recall you saying it was your Grandmother, so the math checks out. My sister had her dna done recentlywe’d always thought we were English/Scotts/German/French, but her dna came back saying about 30 some odd% Scandanavian. So I’m thinking maybe we must have some Viking blood in us, which explains a lot.

(etas, or she was adopted, as I always suspected)


…those horned Viking hats you love wearing in the bath so much?