Before pic of being taken out to the woodshed




Macron: “Listen you fat glob of retarded orange goo, how about we change this to the G6 Summit?”


Bolton was about to let out a fart.


The Last Covfefe




The body language speaks eloquently of tRumps spinelessness.


LOL, you mean the spineless guy who reduced that North Korea psycho into a scared fat ball begging to negotiate? That got the 2 Americans freed? What to say about the one who was there before, uh?


Yeah, that spineless tool.


The scared fat ball holds all the cards - every fucking last one - try to keep up


Maybe. But Trump has the means to turn Kim’s casino into a pile of rubble.
As I said before, as a human being, Trump is a shitbag. But he’s doing an excellent job as a president.
Want to see what spineless politicians are like? Look into my country.
The war has been raging down here and guess what? They still don’t have the guts to do what has to be done.


Rancid, did you know that Bill Clinton personally went to North Korea and negotiated the Release of Americans face to face?


Kim can turn Seoul into rubble before trump can blink

He is doing a horrible job - on every front - you must be on a different planet -


Or a different mindset.


If you fucking think laying waste to the environment -
destroying the solar industry to the tune of 2.5 billion and costing 10000 jobs in that field
and totally destroying what little healthcare existed is a good thing then I have a diff mindset
I could go on

Never the destroyed lives with the immigration bullshit


You’re still stuck on that “solar power” thing?


He gave KJU what NK has wanted - a seat at the table with the most powerful nation on the planet. As if that thug was equal to us. And for what? Not a damn thing.


Even back in the 90’s most south Koreans supported re-unification and most of them don’t even want us in their country, imagine that.


Yeah, maybe he should just start a war, get tens of millions killed and maybe start a nuclear war too. That sounds SOOOOO much better, right? I mean, if it was Obama doing that, you people would be putting that guy is the highest pedestal possible. But Trump ending the possibility of a major war? Nope, that’s bad.


Ya ought to read your links Bruh, the google engineers merely said that renewable energy technology alone is not going tobe enough to reverse climate change. NOT that Renewable isn’t feasible.


Trump hasn’t solved anything in Korea, yet, I hope he does, but come on, we’re a long long way from resolving those issues.