Before we beatify Bush 41


Bush and Reagan with filthy dirty pigs


Show me the last time there hasn’t been a CIA conspiracy during a presidency.

Oh wait.



Show me the last time we elected a president who was a former CIA overlord. Show me that guy’s track record in Central America during his watch at the helm of the CiA. Compare that record to Bush’s.

Also, let’s look at the Noriega mess beginning during the campaign in 1988 when Noriega was interviewed by Rolling Stone.

Don’t even try, Boro…there’s enough dirt here to bury your troll six feet deep.


There’s also enough to support it :wink:


Show me what your inane point is.


Sources tell me that Bush created a very kind, warm public persona yet he relied on muscle to do his dirty work.


He and Reagan are directly responsible for the mess at the border now.


Let me sum it the fuck up

  1. Why in fuck did we send young boys to save sand niggers who paid us back by letting folks spend 4 fucking dollars a gallon for fuel oil to keep from freezing to death

  2. He created the fucking monster that invaded Iraq and then fucked it up leading the deaths of million and millions if not the end of he world

  3. He a an R before his name - nothing more to know


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The coverage of his death, in its inevitable insistence on manners — chief among them the refusal to critique a president in the name of “respect” for the presidency — stands as a monument to Washington’s most cherished ideal: permanent impunity for the political elite. It serves as a warning to anyone expecting the post-Trump era to be a meaningful corrective to the havoc he is wreaking.

Mitigating the damage done by Trump means pushing back hard, now, on the notion that he represents a radical departure from Bush’s legacy or modern Republican politics. The people who want us to believe that George H.W. Bush was radically different from Donald Trump want to make people like Trump more powerful and the world he envisions more possible. They just want them to have better manners.

There’s going to come a time, very soon, when Republicans are going to line up in droves to plead ignorance or expediency in the name of a greater good, or insist they held a secret opposition to Trump from the beginning. It’s a good bet that, when they do, they will make appeals to the legacy of George H.W. Bush as spun by the Washington media.

If they succeed in that project, if the GOP manages to use Bush and other well-mannered Republicans to assert their “decency” bona fides, to paint Trump as an aberration rather than an inevitable culmination, they will have succeeded in fully entrenching his anti-democratic, world-threatening views. If, come Trump’s impeachment, or resignation or electoral defeat, they are allowed to present themselves as sane, reasonable correctives to the unseemly vulgarities and indecencies of Trump, his radical, authoritarian worldview will have been ratified, not rejected.


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