Before you all


So you have a different standard for yourself than for Duke.


Yep, I called him on that exact thing last night.

He owes Duke an apology. Or to STFU at the very least about this issue.




Apples and oranges. I don’t say racist comments at all. Or homophobic comments.

RacistDuke is Google famous, giving CBT as a whole a bad name. He’s refused to stop saying the word, and Oak thinks it’s okay. :joy:


It’s as okay as you using the term “butt pegger”. You’re in the same boat.

Shall we put this to a board vote?


Why would I apologize to Duke for him being racist? You’re an absolute fucking smooth brain if you think that’s how the world works. Go fuck yourself if you believe a non-racist should apologize to a racist for him being racist.

Duke needs to apologize to the board for being racist. End of story.


Is using the word N word racist?

Absolutely fucking fact it is.


No, that “butt pegger” is homophobic.


You don’t think calling people the n word is racist?

What the actual fuck is wrong with you


I think it’s a racist term, I don’t think Duke is anymore “racist” as your are “homophobic”.


I believe duke is racist. He’s an old white man who grew up in the era of jim crow laws. I’m sure he means it, but hides it as a jest.

In the contrast, buttpegger isn’t a homosexual term. Men can be pegged by men or women. There’s nothing homosexual about butt play.


Is the term "butt pegger" homophobic

You forgot to mention women on women or men on women. Equality!


In January of '19 you said this,

Why do you support Racist6?