Bernie takes US docs on tour of Canadian hospitals



That damn soshallist!


Shouldn’t he be at home spending taxpayer money on fundraising instead of doing this shit?


I want free stuff and I want it now!


A couple of things…

  1. Canada uses a lot of American developed technology in our hospitals. How universal health care will affect innovation in the US I am not sure and I don’t think that was adequately explored in the clip.

  2. Wait lists. We have them. If you need emergency surgeries or help, you get it immediately. So if you come in dying and you need a surgery to save your life, it happens. If you have “elective” surgery, like plastic, etc, you are lower priority. If you need a knee replacement because you can’t walk, you are facing wait times. They don’t consider being in pain enough to bypass wait listing.

For example: I have trigeminal neuralgia. It’s excruciating nerve pain in the face. I had to get to the point of telling my doctor I was planning to shoot myself before they’d do anything about it. That was after being put on a three year waiting list after waiting two years previously to get the waiting list letter in the first place.

Diagnostics take a long time as well. The MRI that diagnosed my MS was 6 months into a 1.5 year waiting list thanks to a cancellation. If I had something that really limited my time like cancer that could be the difference between life and death.

Seeing a specialist can also take a long time depending on the issue.

That said, I don’t know if you will have the same issues we have because you have a much higher population density. You have bigger centres much closer together than we have.

You’ll also have to pay more in taxes.

And I’m not sure how you’d get past the every state for themselves thing either.


We have wait lists, too. And we have this added benefit: even when you have insurance and you have a serious ailment with doctor approved treatment plan, the insurance company can – and often does – flat out deny treatment, forever, cause they don’t want to pay.

And let’s not even get into the whole pharmaceuticals thing.

Also, lots of innovative technology, treatment, etc is developed in France and Germany (and we use it here in the USofA), and they both have socialized medicine, so go figure.


I could never understand the hook about Obamacare and “death panels” when you had death panels in the form of insurance companies. They literally decided if you lived or died.

Not all treatments are covered here in terms of drugs but some alternative treatment is usually paid for.

We do get billed for ambulance rides though.

And our drugs are supposedly a lot cheaper.


Your drugs are definitely cheaper. I bet your ambulance rides are, too.


$80 for an ambulance ride.

I only pay a $25 a year deductible for all my medications because I have extended drug benefits through my work.

That’s what our insurance companies do here - extended benefits like drugs, dental, vision, chiropractic, physiotherapy, accupunctute, massage therapy, naturopathic therapy, counselling services, and short term/long term benefits.


$80 for an ambulance ride hahahaha… try probably $1800 here, at least, have never rode in one!


Yeah $80. They did it because some people were using it as a taxi service.

If you take the air ambulance, they charge nothing.


80 bucks? That’s not paying for an ambulance ride, That’s being forced to tip the driver 2%.


I’ve been billed twice now so I can say with certainty it’s $80.

I’m curious what your drugs cost but someone would have to be on a comparable drug to know for sure. Or like what would a week of antibiotics cost? I’m just looking at a receipt and a week of amoxicillin (son had strep throat) cost $21.90 + filling fee of $10.60.


Amoxicillin is a cheap one, with a comparable price here. Some antibiotics can cost hundreds of dollars. Cancer drugs cost thousands. AIDS treatments can cost tens of thousands.


I was in the drug store one day when a woman was denied her cancer treatment because she couldn’t pay for it. She melted down completely in the store, and was screaming, crying, swearing. “I’ve got cancer, god damn you!” That’s how I knew she was being denied her cancer medications.


They did that here with my cousin who had lung cancer. They don’t approve all treatments so the really expensive stuff is usually out of pocket until you flip your ever loving shit on the government.

My infusions, if I was paying for them, would be $20,000 an infusion and I get two a year. My government doesn’t cover them either. They are paid for as part of a drug trial.

There soooo much money to be made in drugs and they make it.