Best and brightest from our elite educational institutions


I used to be pretty impressed when I knew that someone was graduate of our elite institutions, the Ivy League schools.

However, over time, I’ve seen and read things that bring that respect I had for these people into question.

First, on average, most of them don’t seem extraordinarily more intelligent than people that have graduated from non Ivy League academic institutions.

I am watching the proceedings in the Senate today regarding Kavanaugh. I have been watching Senators speak on both sides. When Ted Cruz spoke today, he wanted to impress everyone with his calling out the tribalism in US politics. This graduate of Princeton and Harvard used sports teams as his metaphor for this tribalism. I can’t recall what he said verbatim, but I will paraphrase.

We wear our jerseys. Unfortunately, we seem to only “be able to see through the lens of our jerseys.”

Am I the only one that thinks that his metaphor fell completely apart. How can a man that’s spent his life as an attorney with his academic bonafides fuck up so badly?

I am not so fucking impressed anymore. The elite institutions create this culture of superiority and classism, this American aristocracy that makes me sick. They create this culture where they feel entitled to treat poor, working and middle class Americans like shit. They treat women like shit. And they perpetuate all the worst impulses in the country.

Fuck them.