Billdo! I think I found your dream job!


And it’s in Canada!


ugghhhh it really sucks who they’re giving the legal weed business to up there and in a lot of places… Shoppers DRUG MART… and booze distributors… I’ll stick to the free market/black market…


I’ll be curious to see what happens to the shitters of dispensaries they have here now. I don’t see them shutting them all down but who knows.

The black market will always exist but I think we’ll also be allowed to grow a few plants too.


I’ve heard some of the restrictions on growing your few plants though it’s like 4 little plants that can’t be over like 3 ft tall… I look at it all from more of a farming perspective, everyone should be allowed to grow as much as they want/can, it should be sold at the Farmer’s Markets for $20 an oz.

What the governments are doing with their pseudo legalization bullshit is making themselves and their corporate lackeys the new cartels and making entry for most people unfeasible and keeping prices at or near prohibition prices… and still throwing joe schmoe in jail for it. What’s next, limiting everyone to 4 little tomato plants so we don’t take any money away from the corporate tomato production industry?

It’s not really legalization, it’s a hostile corporate takeover… the real gangsters are coming.


They don’t really bust people here now for growing unless they’re massive grow ups and they hide those in the bush so I don’t see them starting to bust people now.

They’ll treat it like alcohol but it better cheaper or the same as the black market shit or people will stay with street vendors.


As long as they try to keep their prohibition pricing structure the black market will always under cut them. Also in Canada they’re trying to give all the business to their LP’s or Licensed Producers who have the worst weed in Canada. Tweed is the big one I think and there are a bunch of others, all growing really shitty weed that medical patients are supposed to be buying from.


We shall see if the weed quality changes. People here in BC won’t hesitate to squawk about being offered shitty bud.