Boeing set to lose biggest planemaker title as deliveries fall 37%


This is the result of being lying killing scum




What has Boeing done in June?

  • partner with Kitty Hawk
  • 777X started ground testing and taxi levels
  • UPS took delivery of a 767 and 747 freighter, making it the first single customer to receive to different models in the same month
  • US SOC inked another deal for seven more MH-47Gs
  • Atlas V slated for test run
  • ASL orders 20 more 737-800s
  • FA/18 receives order for modernization
  • MQ-25 went for first test flight.
  • 737 Max receives order for 200 units
  • Quarterly record of 42 787 deliveries set (19 in June alone, shattering monthly record)

Go fuck yourself and your smear articles.


Yeah Reuters Business is fake - you sound like yer god cheeto


Over sensationalizing one tiny aspect of a company is in fact a smear campaign. 787, 777, 767 have all ramped up and 737 is obviously ramped down due to the Max. They are still making 737s, just no Maxs.

You really REALLY need to learn what the fuck you’re talking about. I could post about all the cracked wing spars on Airbus planes that are all being evaluated but that’s such a small aspect it doesn’t even matter.


Per your article “To cope with the fallout after the grounding, Boeing has slowed production to 42 MAX jets per month from 52 earlier, causing the planemaker to take a $1 billion charge in the first quarter.”

10 less 737 a month. But every other airline is making more planes per month.
:man_shrugging: shit evens out in the end… but the article only talking about ONE line, for a company that makes multiple civilian airliners, multiple military, space and submersible.