Boro - yer god wants ya to go fight the cartels



This would be more socially acceptable, than slaughtering refugees, imo.


Is that even legal


Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped us before. If “We” could just get the The Federales to “request” our assistance.


I’ve said it for years, the US should invade Mexico, wipe out the cartels, and establish a 100 mile wide buffer between them and us.


That is tempting, but we don’t have all that great of a track record of Nation building as of late. We’re in the process of ceding defeat in Afghanistan, and Iraq is on the brink of civil war, again.


Great idea for the biggest terrorist nation on earth




When someone doesn’t react to your memes.
Then reposts them :frowning:


But on topic, are we going to take the guns the Democrats and Obama gave to the cartels?



Bang bang shoot shoot!


I guess the cartels had no guns before O

let me help ya out - when ya got 6 trillion dollars in yer car trunk getting guns is not a problem

the weapons dealers come to you


The whole idea behind Fast and Furious that began under W, was to learn more about the pipeline from the loophole filled american gun Market and track down the methods, routes, and people involved with arming the cartels. you don’t really think Obama just loaded up a couple trucks full of guns and gave them to the cartels did you?


It’s mind boggling to me how the cartels have M2s…

Fucking American made 50 cal heavy machine guns.

And the cartel has them.


Let me help ya out

we are the biggest weapons dealers on earth and don’t give a fuck who the customer is

but hey - go fight them after your leaders sold them weapons


That was someone you voted for, not me. Lol


All it takes is money.

I have a friend in Taos…50 years ago he spent a lot of time on airplanes just flying between Denver, Chi, NYC, SFO and other points with a big satchel. He was an intermediary. His contact in Denver was a field-grade military officer but his friends in Phoenix and Albuquerque spoke English with a faint accent. His wares were money, drugs and guns although he never carried anything but cash and encrypted notes.

He did all right with that for several years until he developed an ulcer and went into a more restful line of work.

That was five decades ago, seriously, before Nixon even.


Sounds like a decent anti-gun control argument

Black market gonna black market


WHy even have laws? People might break them!


Then jail them