Breaking News...Really?


The MSM just announced that NK has miniaturized 60 nuclear weapons Really? This has been public knowledge for over 4 years. It came to light during the Obama Presidency but the MSM never reported it. That was clearly not an oversight…

Why would the MSM announce this now like it is new?

Winston Churchill was destroyed by WW2, other leaders as well. Are evil, powerful forces trying to bait Trump into attacking NK in hopes of destroying his Presidency? Misinformation caused Bush to attack Iraq


Quick question, if the MSM never reported on this, how did it become public knowledge?


As usual, Cons are trying to create their reality retroactively.



They have alleged they have a long range delivery system now with the made with pride in China label on it.


Cool story Faux Nooze, but we all know when W was in his mania to invade Iraq and was too busy kissing ME ass, to pay attention to shithole Korea, Musharraf the Military Dictator in Pakistan was selling DIY Nuclear Bomb plans to naughty Korea, this became known, but “We” wanted all the friends in that part of the world we could get, for the 1000 year war on terror. So “We” let it slide then.


Yes. Misinformation created and spread by the Bush administration.