Bring me the blood of your youth!



I guess they parodied this on Silicion Valley…?

But in any case, homosexuals have odd predilections.


So do Silicon Valley billionaires.


I read something about this before, the article that I read said that baby blood works best. Seriously, that was the claim. ~rolls eyes~

However, if you can figure out what proteins and such cause this benefit then there would be no ethical reason not to create such a fountain of youth pill.

In the meantime there is this:

Could a Pill Put the Brakes on Aging?


Masturbation and (even better…) sex is EXTREMELY good for you… in multiple ways… some might call women the true fountain of youth… pun slightly intended.




Your point of view is rather malecentric, isn’t it young one?:wink:


Looks like marijuana cures all that ails you.:grin:


Pretty much, except for a western diet.