CA is getting money for rakes and not fires - Please rake your forests



They looked pretty well raked up yesterday…


Dats a road - park and walk in 100 yards and check if it was raked

This is a forest


I wonder what those tall things are on both sides of that road?

I guess I’ll never know.



covered with trees - not road

noun: forest; plural noun: forests

**a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth**.
"a pine forest"
synonyms:	wood(s), woodland, trees, tree plantation, plantation; More
archaicgreenwood, holt
"they came to a clearing in the forest"
    a large number or dense mass of vertical or tangled objects.
    "a forest of connecting wires"
    (in England) an area, typically owned by the sovereign and partly wooded, kept for hunting and having its own laws.

verb: forest; 3rd person present: forests; past tense: forested; past participle: forested; gerund or present participle: foresting

cover (land) with forest; plant with trees.
"a forested area"



So, what’s that to the right and left of the road? You think that the trees are hiding, what? Another road?


If you show that pic to a bunch of people and ask them what it is more will say a road

give it up - surrender gracefully


How do you get to the forest to begin with? I’m guessing there are no roads in PA. All forested.


How did they get to the forest when there was no roads

I’m done with this thread


I’m not talking about the past.

I’m talking about NOW. The past is irrelevant, Duke.

You can’t admit you can shit in the punch bowl just because you’re a cranky sob sometimes.


ANyway TRUMP wants to stop sending FEMA money to fire-ravaged areas because of no raking. But he will still of course send FEMA money to areas that insist upon rebuilding in flood plains and tornado alleys, because most likely red state.


Well, what do we need money for? We don’t have forests.



We can always get forest rake training from the Finns.


If Flannel were here I’d create then post a picture of Looter raking outside his window


We call it the McLeod

Or fire rake

Pick one



Your McLeod vs this McLeod. We’ll see who wins


Well, there can be only one…


Do forests have white lines and rumble strips?


some do



I don’t see any fucking white lines or rumble strips