CalExit leader moves to Russia


Fookin libs these days.


Well, I am sorry they had such a defeatist running the group. I still want to sign up.


Would you put your citizenship on the line for it?


I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you mean would I give up US citizenship and replace it with citizenship in Oceania, or whatever, yes, if it was done in a way I agree with.


I doubt that.


So you’re not willing to take the risk of expulsion or death such as our forefathers?


Your troll needs a little refinement. What “forefathers” do you mean?


The Forefathers I remember kind of originated the whole breaking away dealio, before it was cool.


Yep! They were ballsy about it.

Not because it was convenient.

They knew they could be hanged for treason.


Bromoseltzer, you need to chillax. Get with the 21st century.


Chillax Max…