California, Texas is stealing your jobs



There’s only 3 possible outcomes of the power
issues in California:

  1. they’ll revamp the power systems to make them safer,
  2. it’ll get so bad that California will be knocked into the New Dark Ages,
  3. power will be in the hands of very few, and the rest will leave or
    learn to do without.

The next couple of years will be beyond interesting in California.


2 and 3 are the same thing, as I see it.


When everything is burnt the power will be finer

move on citizen - nothing to see


If you’re one of the unlucky, they are.

But I’m betting the rich won’t be bothered
in the least by any such trivial problems.


Big ficking deal - a couple days without power is nothing

what a bunch of fucking weaklings


And yet you post on an electric device, how interesting


As long as Murrica can continue to make multibillion dollar fighter jets, that get beat by much older and simpler jets, we’re good.


Pretty soon you fuking townies won’t have enuf energy to press the enter key


As long as they dont come to WA and ruin our state even more.


Yeah, all that money entering your economy would suck, huh.


Pukes ruin their state and after voting in so many shitty laws and taxes they come to ours and ruin our state and wonder why shit becomes retarded
Fuck 'em.


Jus think - you have clean air and water - has to be worth something

Take a look at New Delhi to see how yer air would be without them liberal fucks


I said ruining
Clean air has nothing to do with gas taxes. And clean air is not a liberal invention.


A Washingtonian, an Oregonian, and a Californian are sitting at a bar table, drinking.

The Californian holds up a glass bottle of expensive water (shhh BD6), takes a swig, tosses up the bottle, and shoots it with a gun (he’s a pro-gun water swilling type)

The others say “wow, that’s an expensive bottle, why did you shoot it?”

THe californian says “where I’m from we have a lot of that stuff.”

Inspired, the Oregonian takes his bottle of microcraft beer, takes a swig, tosses the bottle and shoots it.

The others say “wow, that’s an expensive bottle, why did you shoot it?”

The oregonian says “where I’m from we have a lot of that stuff.”

The Washingtonian then takes his bottle of local vintage wine, takes a swig, tosses the bottle in the air, shoots the Californian, and catches the bottle.

THe oregonian shouts “What the heck did you do that for?”

The Washingtonian says “Where I’m from we have a lot of Californians. But I really should recycle this bottle”


Link to that bullshit


Texas is a big inbred shit hole…


And received 3 felonies. One for owning a gun, one for being cis-gendered, and one for owning a bullet.




Come on, it was a funny joke. Gimme a like.