Cheets wants Afghanistan re-evaluated


18 years - 1900 US dead

shuda won by now - little progress has been made despite more airstrikes

Evaluate this

The fucking Taliban own the fucking place - get used to it

2500 fucking years no one took it over

even the fucking dirt is evil


Yeah, but Donald is smarter than the Generals bro, in fact he is so smart he doesn’t even listen to the intelligence briefings, because he is already tremendously intelligent.


Didn’t this moron order the MOAB to be dropped there early 2017?

That clearly learned them.


I read a long article written by someone who lived their (an American lady)

she said - the Taliban are afgans with a little more serious Islam, but they are farmers and shopkeepers, and whatever. She said they just want to go the fuck home and be normal, but the US presence keeps them fighting.

Long but worth it