Chess moments to live for


Never too late to take up the game. :slight_smile:


For a fckng brilliant yet reserved dilettante like myself for ex. what would be a good way to get some kind of a crash course in grand master chess, without all that time and effort thing?


There are 11 billion variations of the first 7 moves - I would start memorizing them


Ok, then what


Then read everything written by Tal and Bobby

and then study the famous Josh rook lift when he was eleven


ok, and then?


Play a game with Spoon at


I wouldn’t wish to embarrass him, being pretty much a n00b,and all.


I would not worry about it - he is all growed up


The absolute most painless way is to send off for Fisher’s book Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess, from about 1974. Very little prose to read, killer results. Set it next to yer throne and read a page or two a day.


I actually bought that book waybackwhen, almost sure it’s been tossed along the way. but I may look for that again, my old friend hippy Mark had recommended that to me at the time.






Makes me dizzy but I’m pretty sure knights will be worth half a point more than bishops instead of the other way around. Despite the board being twice as wide. Wonder what Six would say.