Chicken diapers


White people, come on, give us a break.


Not just chicken diapers, LUXURY chicken diapers!


There are also “chicken whisperers” that are paid $225/hr. Gourmet chefs FOR the chicken, not to cook the chicken.

Why can’t i come up with these scams?


I really sucks having a conscience, doesn’t it? It’s not like the idiots aren’t happy to throw away their money. Even if you tell them it’s a scam.

I find I don’t even bother to do certain things because I know I couldn’t live with myself afterwards.

Years ago I could have gotten a really good job, great pay and benefits, but I couldn’t fill out the application.
It was for a payday loan/check cashing place. Just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I sunk that low.


I’ll dump this in here, since it is chicken related.


Imagine telling someone from a 100 years ago that in 100 years chicken diapers would be for sale



Hahaha haha

Could be great to descend on that chicken forum again.

Remember that @WitchKing?


My Grandmother had chickens and rabbits and my father said they ate well even in the depression.

I could just imagine the look if I told her this

The reply in broken english would be priceless


Sveto jebeno sranje!!


That was other grandmother

this one was Russian or sich - I shuda paid more attention, but who knew


Maybe TRUMP can provide a translation of the above into Russki.


Mr Cataldo in 8th grade said we shud learn all can about our ancestors and write it all down and talk to them and sich

The class was called guidance -

I thot he was fucking insane, but I was like Boro and knew everything


We never figure out how important they are to our own history until it’s too late.

I did ask mu grandma somethings a few years before she passed.

Back to chickens, I saw my mom chase and slaugnter a chicken when we were on a family trip to Texas. My great grandmother was teaching her. I was yoinger than 5yrs old. I still remember my mom chasing the flapping chicken around the yard.

My paternal gf also raised chickens and rabbits.


9AM Tues mornings - Guidence

I fucking hated it enuf to remember 60 years later

The only one good thing was I sat behind Nancy who I was madly in fucking love with since 5th grade


Did ya flirt or sit there worshipping her in agony?



She used to like me - we used to talk on the phone a lot - in sixth grade -

I was too fucking shy

She was a knockout - gorgeous

I found her on FB about a year ago - still around


Is she still a knock-out?


Not bad for 73


We all age at different rates I’ve noticed.


66 YOA


51 YOA