Coney Island 1909


And 2017

She told cops her brother was in Coney Island with friends and was 

walking down W. 12th St. near Surf Ave. when 10 young men confronted
him, she told police.
One of the youths stopped him and asked, “Are you static?”
The victim said “No,” and they attacked him en masse, sources said.



Atlantic City 1949: What a cute little boy!:smile:


Copacabana 1950

Copacabana 2017


Is that your dad in the 1950 pic, jerking off on a public beach?


He was born that year, so, I guess not


Jobim wouldn’t write any songs about it today I guess. But I am sure some glue sniffing mutt from the favelas raps about it.


Grandpa, then.


now that’s a possibility


Puttin a kid up on a rail like that where they cud fall

they would hall her away in chains today

Is that how ya got dropped on yer head L_R?


Did you notice that my sister was topless? They would probably have my parents arrested today.

Something you might appreciate:


So what is going on in the lower pic, is this like the tag championships or something like that?