Cons dealing death again



The best part is the preacher that El Trumpo took with him is an anti semtic religious bigot. Good Times!


I was just listening to a talk about Israel’s violence on Pacifica radio. Norman Finklestein – a Jewish professor who was fired for his anti-Israeli writings. Alan Dershowitz – that pillar of ethics – helped get him shit-canned.

The Israeli government folks are completely immoral.


Paraphrasing Finkelstein: the maniacal Netanyahu is egging on the maniacal Trump and the parasitic Saudi to go to war against Iran and Iran’s allies. “It’s kind of scary.” This won’t be a cakewalk.


Meanwhile WH Goon Michael Bolton suggests USA may sanction our European friends that deal with Iran.


Yeah, Bolton is another maniacal moron.


Like the EU is gona walk away from a trillion dollar airbus deal with Iran - not anytime soon


So, are we gonna go to war with the EU? Trump would probably love that, since the EU ridicules him.


Well the french guy and thersa may come over here

why the fuck would they even do that

thersa may and the french guy are both idiots along with merkel fer coming here


Yeah, but all three of them think Trump is an ass, and he knows it. He probably hates them.



But they still kiss his ass


Well Trump walked away form a comparable deal for Boeing, and who knows how many other American Companies that had there eyes on Iran. But hey, he’s all over saving jobs for the China people.