Cool graphic, pick 3


Creating the baddest ass band in the world and YOU get to pick 3 guitarists…go


Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa.


Hard to chose just 3 from a list like this, but Jeff Beck with Tom Morello, and maybe a Ry Cooder would be a cool line up.


Yeah I looked at it last night and was thinking my choice would be Ry Cooder, Jeff Beck and someone else… Jimi Hendrix I guess…


From the above…

Cooder, Knopfler, Gilmore.


Zappa, Vai, Satriani…no, make Beck the third guy.

Still need bass and drums though. I’ll add Talk and Vinnie since they were killer behind Beck.


Townshend, Gilmour & Keef


If you’re not letting me have Satriani, I would ask for Petrucci.


Tho it did occur to me that having Clapton, Beck and Page all together tearing it up on The Train Kept a Rolling. and Over Under Sideways Down. and maybe even A Certain Girl, not necessarily in that order. would be teh awesome.