Coronavirus Cackles






Wabbit, you mus be real old!

(har har har…i no i got u beat, by almost a decade.)

I have done the pencil cassette thing innumerable times for a while there I was quite adept at holding the cassette up with the pencil and swirling it around till the end, yes I am a bad azz, and I can almost hear Mikey’s big brother’s voice calling him out.


I got my brother a t-shirt for his BDay when he was in HS on the front it said “I’m Mikey…” and on the back it said “…and I like it!”

and most of my pencil-in-cassette experience involved muttering cusses under my breath


You are one of us.


Whoa memory lane time. You old fucks remember the t-shirt shops of the 70s, where you picked out a blank T-shirt and selected one or more appliquees? I used that T-shirt black-letter font that we are ALL picturing in our heads right now

This font


My Dad brought me a T-Shirt with that phrase on it from Hawaii, slightly better color/bg but I remember faking gratitude and thinking “Fck Dad, just wtf, what kind of morantard do you think I am?”


Stay classy Trumptards


OUCH… pretty short on the Funnay, though.


I thought it should prolly go in the seriouser covid thread, but too lazy to scroll for it and can’t recall the title…

But this is def. applicable here imo.



This Socks



Freedom intensifies






Coronavirus outbreak in the Amish community:

They’re getting a little hoarse and buggy.