Coronavirus Cackles







I had heard some day that the South would rise again, I just didn’t think it would be in the number of COVID-19 cases.







Finally we have a pretty thorough infographic that shows the whole Deep State plan of action! For newcomers to awakening, start here. If you thought the lockdown was about a virus and was going to end, you’ve been deceived. They never intended to let you back out of your homes. Almost everything is included on this graphic that you need to know to understand where we are at today and why…start with the Rockefellers and their plan to force deadly pharmaceuticals on us to destroy our immunity and health and take over the medical industry, and work your way down to the covid-fivegee scam they are trying to pull on us to imprison us indefinitely…since that failed, the second wave is coming. I recommend researching every single topic on this page and soon you will see the whole puzzle put together and how their long-planned enslavement of us has enfolded. But don’t fear, the second wave of awakening is coming too, and we will rise above this and prevail into the light <3 …Please try to move beyond fixed beliefs and expand your consciousness while you still can…time’s up on sleeping…the Great Awakening has begun!!!


I knew it!











Are you saying that when you tried “RACOON is an anagram of CORONA” nobody on FB could understand your meaning? Or do you mean to avoid the claim due to RACOON being a deviant (but still acceptable) spelling of RACCOON?

Asking for a friend.


One does not Facebook.


Evidently one also does not Hobson’s Choice.


Holy smokes! I did not see that coming!

Sorry, but this fine young man is my current spirit rebellious teen.