Cream always rises to the top, now with Ginger



He feels free.


At least we had a couple of weeks of him circling the drain, so the shock value is minimal.

I loved him of course, but not like I loved Jack Bruce. After all, he was just a drummer.


Neal Peart is just a drummer, j/s


Buddy Rich was just a drummer, j/s


Tony Williams was just a drummer j/s


Neal Peart is more than just a drummer, they say, and I tend to agree since he’s also written a lot of mediocre lyrics.

Buddy Rich, like Gene Krupa, was more than just a drummer.

Ginger by some definitions was more than just a drummer since his rock audience found him pretty exotic by rock standards. In the early power trio format, I did feel he was a bit more drummer than Mitch Mitchell.

Tony Williams I only know as a mediocre lounge singer who didn’t drum.

Levon Helm should also be mentioned as “more than.” Some would also mention Don Henley, but I exclude him due to extreme assholishness beyond that which is permitted even to drummers.

How can you tell that the pizza delivery man knocking at your door is a drummer?

He keeps speeding up and gets louder.


Tony Williams was a key piece of Miles Davis’ “2nd Quintet” of the mid 60’s and was one of the early pioneers of fusion. With Davis and his own band Lifetime as well as his work with many others.


What do you call a bass player without a girlfriend?








There’s also one about Jack Bruce accidentally locking his keys in the car after a gig, and having to break a window to get Baker out of the car.


It was this kind of bullshit, that made Ginger a rock god Ginger’s drumming after living with the pygmies* for a long while.

*ginger spent quite some time hanging out with the Nigerian Revolutionary Social Activist and “Afropop” musician Fela Kute.