D_M's Health Update


Sorry to bother you with this this bullshit, but I may not be posting much after today.

The last 4 days have been the worst since this all started back in November. The chemo and radiation is taking a tremendous toll on me. I haven’t eaten in 5 days now and am having trouble keeping anything down due to both the pain in my esophagus and nausea … even a few sips of water. The problem with that is… since I can’t keep water down I can’t keep any of the pain or nausea meds down. I puke them up almost immediately. My oncologist gave me a suppository for nausea medication and a sublingual pain med and I’ll see how that goes. I am vomiting about 50 times a day now… mostly mucous and water… which gives me about 30 minutes of relief.

As it is now, food is the farthest thing from my mind. I am dying of thirst though. I drink ice cold water just because I crave it so badly… knowing it’s going to be extremely painful and will mostly be coming right back up. I’m literally having dreams of guzzling water from half frozen milk jugs or kneeling over a snow fed stream guzzling water. If the suppository and sublingual’s don’t help, I’m going to have to have my wife take me to UC or ER for a 12 hour hydration drip and maybe the dreaded feeding tube.

I’m so desperate for a drink, I stopped by a 7-11 and bought a fukking banana Slurpee. I’m going to try to eat a little bit of this lovely frozen concoction if it takes all day.


Shit, DM. I am really, really sorry to hear that. Maybe the drip and tube can see you through till the chemo starts having benefits?

I am praying for you. I hope to see you posting soon that you’re feeling better.

:heart: :heart: :heart:


And do not ever be sorry about posting updates.


I am really sorry you have to be going through this, DM. I have found it disturbing to know of your struggle. Know that I am rooting for you, man. :cry:


Sucks man, hang in there, you could mix the RSO with a little coconut oil, chill it so it’s solid and use it as a suppository too… might even be more effective than eating it.


Sorry to hear about all that D_M and what L_B said

Hope you get by this bad patch soon


Pulling for you


Stay strong Friend that chemo and radiation is powerful stuff and will kick a guys ass,

Please keep us in the loop if you are at all up for it…


This is the hardest part DM. Don’t try to be strong by enduring the pain. Make your doctors help you! You don’t deserve to suffer.


Thanks, guys. It’s means a lot to me.


Thanks for mentioning that Billdo. In my semi delirious state I completely forgot about that as an option. The RSO was helping a lot and I haven’t been able to get it down anymore. I’m going to try it.


Today’s dinner. Mmmm… mmmmmm…good. 1 litre of water infusion and a Fenatyl patch.

Packed a bag this morning and told my wife to drive me to the hospital. I told her I wasn’t planning on coming home until I got some significant relief even if it meant a few days in ICU.

The palliative care doctor took one look at me and asked me how long since I ate or drank anything. I told him a week with no food and I was battling to keep down about 10 ounces of water a day. He immediately set me up for a 2 litre hydration drip in his office and ordered a feeding tube insertion tomorrow morning… about a 6 hour procedure at the Ontario hospital. From there they will deliver the IV equipment and then schedule a home health RN to get us going and trained on the feeding process.

My doctor was kind of shaken and told me I would have lasted about 4 or 5 more days until my organs started failing had I not come in.

Fun times. Don’t ever get cancer friends.


Fuck. I am so glad to hear you went in. Here’s to getting some real relief.


Thank you for finally going in and getting some help!

I hope they get you comfortable ASAP.


Are you home, now, DM? I hope tomorrow is not too awful.

:fingers crossed


I am happy you can get at least some relief. They probably should have given the feeding tube earlier though I know it won’t be a fun experience…

I’m praying for you every day.


How did it go, @D_M? I hope as painlessly as possible.



It’s very frustrating reading your posts, I can’t believe that they can’t do more to help you. We are all pulling for you.


So how much for a couple of those Fentanyl patches? Can you ship UPS?

I’m glad you got some strong stuff and hope you aren’t suffering. Hope you’re getting some rest, sleep, hydration and some sort of food/nutrition somehow.