D_M's Health Update


Would you like a subscription to something like an audio books set up? Happy to get you one


Thanks WK, but I have a stack of audio books to go through as it is. What I would really like to do is hook up with you in NYC in a few months. Maybe we could do a show and dinner or a sporting event
A very successful friend of mine from high school who is battling stage 4 lung cancer has kindly offered me use of her fully furnished Manhattan apartment whenever I’m well enough to travel again. That will probably be at least 3 or 4 months but I’m probably going to take her up on it.


Well, I’m finally back home recovering. The IV bullshit has me stressed, but it beats the hell out of rotting in that hospital room. To be honest… I had a few doubts I would even make it through the surgery in my weakened state, so it’s a major victory.




Ah, Nick. I’m so glad you got to go home. :thumbsup: I hope you can sleep, even with the IV.


Love it! Looking forward to it!


Still weak as hell. Takes me 10 minutes to get up the stairs. Should take 10 seconds. My wife wants to get me a hospital bed for downstairs, but I think it’s overkill and nixed it. I’m still covered in tubes.


Aaah, but it has to feel nice to be in your own house in your own bed and stuff, and peace and quiet.

PS, Your abs need some work, bikini season is approaching.


I’m digging the new hardware. Most people start off with an earring but I admire you really taking that plunge.


Here’s an adrenaline rush


Quick Update. I had an appointment with my surgeon to discuss post-op stuff and get surgical staples removed. He felt the surgery was perfection except for the discovery of a few affected lymph nodes that got missed. He seemed kind of down about that. So it’s just wait and see with the lymph nodes. Hopefully, they will just remiss.

This wound is the entry point for the chest tube and by far the most painful. It keeps me from lying on my side. It’s kind of like a bullet wound as explained by the surgeon. It will heal over time.


Hope you’re RSO’ing up man…


I hope those lymph nodes cause you no grief and you get get back to healing that poor battered body of yours.

I have to say how much I admire your strength and courage to stand up and fight this disease.

You are amazeballs!


I, too, am amazed by your fortitude – and grace, may I say – in all this. Keep up the good work, DM! As always, :pray: and :thumbsup:


I don’t know about courage and all that. When faced with one’s own mortality, you tend to do what has to be done.


Some just roll over.


True. Some are so unnerved by chemo and radiation treatments that they will just put their fate in the hands of God. I suppose if I were in my late 70’s or 80’s I would roll over as well.

The type of cancer also plays into it. In my case the treatments and surgery were horrible, but the alternative was a painful death.


It had to be horrifying to get that news. I appreciate that you shared a lot of the process with us. Your honesty is refreshing.


They have ways of easing people far more comfortably towards death than they have for easing the suffering of those fighting life.

Sorry pal but you chose the hard way and I admire the shit out of you for it.


Sharing with friends has been good therapy for me. :