D_M's Health Update


It’s OK, we’l just put you on the 2022 Wold Cup squad instead of 2018.


Thanks guys. A little update. I spoke with my surgeon 2 days ago and my oncologist yesterday. It appears they now want to do another surgery and more chemotherapy to get the lymph nodes they missed in the first surgery. I’m really not up for that.I dread going back under the knife and spending a few weeks in the hospital. I dread the side effects of the chemo nearly as much. Anyway, I told them I need a break from it all and they agreed to put everything off for a month. I’ll use that time to relax and get my strength back. I’ll also focus on some of the alternative treatments in that time…namely diet, supplements and meditation.


Are you getting to be able to eat more foods, the old fashioned way?


If you’ve never seen a feeding tube this it. I’m using the feeding tube and eating to fast track getting my weight back up.


I can’t blame you at all. Shit.

Excellent idea. Here’s a great book, by a doctor, with recommendations for cancer-fighting foods:



Yes, I can eat regular foods now, but only very small portionsi. I lost a third of my stomach.


Does regular taste good, I mean do you have much of an appetite, or do you have to push yourself to eat?


I was in Freddies (aka Krogers) the other day, near the health food area and saw a display cooler case with a bunch of “Natural” type drinks coconut waters etc and saw some Turmeric juices with a variety of flavorings, I was reaching to grab one, when I saw they were going for $4.49 I thought hmm maybe next time.


Yes it is. I have the audio book and am on my 2nd listening. It is BY FAR the best cancer fighting book out there. The book is written by a renowned oncologist who beat cancer by mixing conventional and alternative treatments. I am madly taking notes as I listen.

Thanks for mentioning it.


I have a tremendous appetite which causes me to overdue it on the eating. I usually end up puking a few times because I are too much.

I’ve also lost my ability to burp


Yeah, the diet I’m pursuing is nearly all organic and the food is very pricey.


Hey, it’s a good sign that you have an appetite, right?

Are there any foods that you are more likely to be able to keep down?

PS, you should buy a hard copy. Lots of lists of specific foods, and iirc correctly, recipes, so you’ll probably want to thumb through it a lot. I completely changed my cooking habits thanks to that book. I try to include multiple cancer-killing foods in every meal. I always have things like crimini mushrooms, olives, turmeric, ginger, garlic, etc. etc on hand.


It’s pretty much an open book as far as what foods I crave or can tolerate. The issue before treatment and surgery was my inability to swallow. The tumor blockage is gone now, so I can pretty much eat anything.

Good idea about getting a copy of the book. I will hunt one down.


The 3 big takeaways for me regarding diet in the book are…

  1. Cut out sugar and dairy.
  2. Make fish the meat staple of your diet.

And the biggest…

  1. Increase Omega 3’s and decrease Omega 6’s.


Yes! And definitely add foods that have cancer-killing properties to your diet. Lots of them.


Listening right now.


The past few days have been a struggle. Felt like crap… nauseous, sore and fatigued. Today is much better. I’m eating and doing my tube feeding. Later, I’m going to go out and buy some patio furniture I’ve been eyeing.


Win the day.


How long does it take you to get through one of those bags?


750 ml. Takes about 2 hours.