D_M's Health Update


That’s not too bad. It’s my infusion day today. Misery loves company :))


You look much better, man.


Yeah I was thinking you look better too.


Definitively better!


You do look better, DM. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!


Thanks. I’ve put on a few pounds. I also gave up the ghost and shaved my head.

I’m hoping to be well.enough to return to work by July 17. That’s when my short term disability runs out and I go on long-term disability. That means going from full pay to 60% pay… that’s not good.


Two and a half months! You can do it!


Man, you’ve been through a lot. it’s tough to stay positive an focused through all the set backs you’ve experienced. I hope this nightmare takes a real positive change for you soon


Baby steps lead to regular steps


We haven’t met. I’m new here.

But allow me to offer my hopes for your complete recovery. Anyone who wants to know how hard it is to battle this awful disease only needs to read this thread.

If the support and love the folks here offer can be considered therapeutic, I’ve no doubt that you will pull through.

No human should endure the suffering you’re experiencing.


Thanks, man. I appreciate it.


Thanks Lou. It has been a struggle, but very few make it through life without any number of struggles whether it’s emotional, physical, financial, marital, etc. There is some good that will come from all this should I win the battle. My perspective has certainly changed. I’ll no longer go through life on cruise control. I’ll live each day to it’s fullest. It’s time to stop adding items to my bucket list and start retrieving them. I’ll also stop letting minor problems irritate me.


Hey man, if it’s any consolation, I lost my ability to fart. Why, I don’t know.


Did your significant other recently say “shut up asshole”?


Do you miss it? And do you have to mainline Beano or something?

“Take Beano, and there’ll be no gas”


I don’t really miss them, but I know that on the odd occasion that I do feel one coming on I know not to trust it.


That’s a really important shift in focus.


Hope you’re feeling better and eating your weedies.


I still have that ability, but I have lost my ability to burp.


The last few days have been a bit of a struggle. Chronic fatigue and pain.

I was walking down an aisle at the grocery store this evening and my legs just locked up. I fell over and just sat there for a few minutes. People thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. It passed after a few minutes and I was on my way.