D_M's Health Update


Good luck, thanks fer yer updates.


I’m here. It’s the wait and cost that pisses me off.


The wait is almost as bad as the bill IMHO. The last thing you want to do when you are in pain is wait around for someone to help you.


I brought some pain meds with me and it is keeping the pain in check. I need to see Radiology so they can do a few scans.


I’m glad you have something to manage the pain. That was some smart thinking! I can’t say I’ve ever been that smart when heading to the ER.


Damn, DM. Sorry, dude. Good luck. Bug them so they don’t make you wait forever.


Fake a seizure or something, don’t over do it, but get their attention.


Honestly, if you want to get in to see a doctor quickly, say you have chest pain.


Excellent, yes chest pain, numbness in extremities etc


They actually have protocols in terms of how long they can make you wait. If a patient comes in complaining of chest pain, shortness of breath, etc, they have to get you in right away.

At least they do here in Canada.


I’ve seen about 5 people try that since I’ve been here. Didn’t really help them. It’s the oldest trick in the book. They can tell who the fakers are. I’ll just wait it out.


Someone always has to ruin it for everyone else.


Dayum i was sure i was the first to invent that.


Friend of mine walked into an ER and said “Um, I’m having a heart attack” and they let him right in. Of course, he was having a heart attack.


People have a certain look about them apparently.


The dumbass figured it out when he was driving, popped an aspirin, took out his cellphone and dialed 9-1 and kept his thumb on the 1 in case he started to fade on the way. I guess he figured he’d get help faster than waiting for an ambulance.


Still in the ER. They did surgery to put a new feeding tube in. Now I’m waiting on X ray’s and then hopefully go home. I WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO ADMIT ME. I will check myself out if they try.


Bro surgery? Don’t be in a rush…chill.


Australian band.

Chrissie died of cancer a few years back.


Sounds like your tube was out of place. Are you still in pain?