D_M's Health Update


I like a sardine once in a while

Excellent night snack IMO

I always have a couple cans in the cupboard, for the unexpected munchies at night

I like the ones in hot tomato sauce


I have them in Olive Oil 4 or fi times per week. Also an excellent choice for backpacking. Salmon is excellent also. Have that every w/e. And it is brain food, which is why we are so smart compared to meat eaters.

Any of you take Cumin seed oil?


A can of sardines will be worth a pound of gold in the endtime


Maybe if you smother them in mustard or tomato sauce or Bourbon or something.


Or maybe sautee a bunch of those cancer fighting mushrooms, garlic, and onions, and throw them on the sardines.


Double whammy. Olive oil is also an excellent source of omega 3.


I’ll need to find the sardines with the heads cut off. I don’t like eating animals that are staring back at me. That’s why I avoid the Mexican shoppers.


Taken literally, that post is hilarious!


I wish I could send you all some of these…hamsi from the Black Sea


The Portuguese feast in Newark

I attended it a couple times, it was a great summer festival

Except for the fact that you went home smelling like bbq sardine

And you could have the famous guinea pig bbq the ecuadorians love so much


yeah those guinea pigs sure look tasty…


I see the as rabbits that don;t look cute

I’ll gladly eat them if the opportunity arises


rancid - do they still keep those things running around the house like pets till they are fat and juicy, then…cut their heads off?


They probably taste fine but I don’t like seeing heads on anything but fish…




All the time

I knew many Ecuadorians who would raise them in cages outside during the warmer months, they get big fast

They would get one for the kids and spare the poor little fella

They didn’t spare my chicken Cocota when I was a kid, though

My mother said she had taken her to the farm

But later an evil uncle told me she had been last Sunday’s lunch


How’d she taste?


Tender and juice from all the love I had for her

I still remember she eating the grains of rice taht would fall from the table

She pecking my toes

She pooping in the couch

no wonder my mom cooked her

that’s why she was brought as a chick from the farm in the first place

she needed to follow her fate

She’s torturing Col. Sanders in chicken heaven now


Do you eat that salty ass dried fish in Brazil that they love in Portugal? I couldn’t eat that shit.


In the endtimes you will kill to eat that fish

I am gona so enjoy the endtimes