D_M's Health Update


You look good DM!

It’s just a flesh wound…


Hi Starling,

I am actually new to facebook(almost 100% anyway) and I am not sure how to post a picture to a page of mine without downloading it to my computer. Would you post ‘Life’s an uphill…’ to the page for me. Thanks in advance.:heart_eyes:


Okay, I’ll be the first to say it. When I saw the latest pic in the cowboy hat, I leaked a few TEARS of joy and gratitude.


I noticed all the color in his face. About a year after I quit smoking my doctor had mentioned how good the color of my shin was, maybe that’s why I noticed. I still miss smoking but I like the color thing too.


D_M **I am praying for you. Spoon has been keeping me up to date on your health. I really wish you could get some food in your belly.


I quit in 74 an still have an urge about once every 6 months

they are a bitch to quit - but ya only gotta quit one - the next one


I have attended several autopsies. I clearly remember the pathologist opening up the body of a very heavy smoker. That did it for me.

As well as the horrible black, tarred lungs, it was the stench that I’ll never forget.


Are you a cop or attorney or something?


I am none of those things, now.

But in a past life…


Thanks Gypsy, I really appreciate the prayers and kind words. I hope all is well with you.

The eating is a bit of a problem. Because 1/3 of my stomach was removed, I am limited with food intake. However, I spoke with my surgeon today and he told me eventually my stomach will stretch and I will be able to eat more. This was welcomed news. I just assumed the small meal portions were going to be a lifelong thing.


Thanks Spoon. I’ve been into westerns lately and bought a few cowboy hats. The westerns are good therapy. So many people get shot and killed with impunity that it makes death seem like nothing. I read where consummate good guy, the Rifleman Chuck Conners, killed like 396 people over a 5 year run.


That’s awesome! Great news.


How long do you have to keep that big tube? I assume that’s your feeding tube?


6 to 8 more weeks. Yes, it’s a gastric feeding tube. I’m eating a bit now. The tubal feeding is just to speed up the weight gain.


I’m not saying much because I lack the words when I see this thread

Every night I kinda remind God of you, sure it’s not necessary, but the more the merrier

I have no doubt you’ll defeat that disease like it was Barcelona playing the Cosmos

But no matter what, you already won this, that tummy wart never came even close to beating your spirit


Thanks bro.


Excellent to hear!


Feeling good? Saw your posts on FB.


Hi David. Thanks for asking. I have good days and bad days as most in my situation do. Today was pretty good.


Hooray for the good days. Here’s to more and more of them.