D_M's Health Update


I’m sorry you have to go through it again. I will keep praying for you. :heart:


I am simply wishing you the best my friend.


I appreciate the frank response, man… and I hope you’ll be able to hear my frank thoughts about it.

You need to give yerself a pep talk…a locker room pep talk. I have some understanding of the reflux issue, went thru that with my brother a while back. Cancer, and the treatment, do tend to take away some aspects of normal functioning. You have to adapt to changing circumstances.

Case in point…you need to sleep. If that takes a high end bed that you have to buy, order that sumbitch out. No point in attaching a higher priority to the money if you have it now. You have to get thru the short term issue before you need worry about living on a reduced income later.

In my case, I’m now getting disability income. It may not be enough to sustain my former lifestyle, but I don’t NEED that former lifestyle since I don’t need a front to support the former cash flow. Gonna sell the house and downsize, live cheaper. It’ll be fine because I’ll still be living well enough. If I choose to keep working I’ll have more dough…but I don’t HAVE to do that unless it makes sense.

The Fates give us these choices, and we make the best ones we can.

“Ultimately only 3 things matter…how fiercely we love, how gently we live, and how gracefully we let go of things not meant for us.”

We are all in your corner, Dingle. Please join us.


Don’t let the fuckers get you down.


I appreciate your frank response and agree with everything you posted. To paraphrase my wife, "You have to do what have to do. Your only other option is to roll over and die, Nick. I suppose I would take the hospital bed over buying a bed. He’ll, it’s free. I can just roll it out of sight when it’s not in use.

On a plus note, my surgeon called today after I asked for his confirmation on what Palliative Care said. He said he doesn’t agree with them that I just have to accept my predicament. There are a few options including a potential surgery to build a sort of valve. He also prescribed a medication similar Prilosec that may help minimize the reflux. Finally, he said some of his patients just saw the problem disappear after a few months.

I’m still bummed about the shoulder/back injury. I did some research and there’s really not much that can be done to repair this type of fracture… assuming it is fractured. It just has to heal on it’s own. For this reason I’m not going to pursue anything with Kaiser. They will want to put me through a bunch of bullshit like xrays, scans and rehab. I don’t need the distraction while I’m going through chemo. Chemo is taxing enough.

Thanks again for the sound advice. Of course your right. Not sure I can completely get over this depression but I will try. I am considering hooking up with a cancer support organization down in LA called Common Wheel that teaches meditation and yoga. I hear that is tremendous therapy for depression.


Gotta agree with your wife and Spoon! Sleep can make a huge difference in your health and frame of mind, both.

That sounds much more encouraging.

Excellent, excellent idea.


Do what you can to keep your mind on track because it will so easily lead your body astray with it.

I know how frustrating all the treatments and procedures and scans and poking and prodding can be. It’s A LOT to deal with, especially in such a tight time frame. You are handling yourself really well.

I hope you can get some supports in place. I have no doubt it will make a huge difference in your mood.


Every day you fight, every day you don’t just give up like France is a great day. Your line is up, go get 'em


Thanks WK. I like having you in my corner friend.


Here is a story about a cancer survivor I know personally

From cancer to Ironman



Nice story.

You know a cop?


I had to give him a pass on the cop thing

exception proves the rule and sich

Besides he always has cold beer


Wife bought me a couple of books to read while killing time during my 4 hour chemo sessions. Nice break from pecking away on a smart phone and I’m really getting into the old west these days.


Zane Gray, danke mir bis spater


Josey Wales books are most excellent


I just heard on the radio that French officials are believed to be having back channel discussions with ISIS to discuss the terms of a French surrender.


Too bad I can’t send you back in time to fight the French Resistance - should be easy - right?




Reading books is always more fulfilling than posting! :thumbsup:


Enjoying my lunch outdoors today.