D_M's Health Update


Lookin’ good DM!


I just stopped by to say Hi.:slight_smile:


Was at the hospital for 3 or 4 hours yesterday getting a PICC line inserted for my upcoming return to chemotherapy. It did not go well. In fact, it failed miserably. The infusion RN could not get it to feed through my body and the harder she tried, the worse the pain got. I can’t remember pain so severe. My body was involuntary convulsing and she finally had to give up. So I go back tomorrow to have it done by radiological surgeons under a scope in the OR. It’s a much longer procedure, but they are better at it. Today I have to go get lab work done, which is SOP for surgery.


Them guys will get it - hoping fer the best


Fuckbuckles! Here’s to tomorrow being smooth as butter, Dingle! Shite!


I’m sorry, man. Hope it goes better tomorrow.


It will. That’s how they ended up doing it last time. Like the surgeon said last time, it’s really not something a RN should be doing in the first place. They’re just trying to go cheap. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go home after the procedure. I can’t stomach another hospital stay… even for one day.

On the plus side, I’m nearing my out of pocket insurance limit. Another $300 and everything will be free going forward in 2017.


That’s just wrong. I am pissed at them!

That’s pretty awesome.


I remember when I had a PICC line put it. This big, butch nurse comes in all gruff and bitchy and I got the vibe that she really did not like men in general because I sure as hell didn’t do or say anything to set her off. Nothing against her being a lesbo, but I really thought that she hated me. She was yelling at me practically the whole time, and as I was not in a great mood myself I finally told her, “you need to calm the fuck down”. And calm down she did.


Probably hated her job, not you. But yay for setting her straight!


Hey Guy, it’s like you’ve been through a war. Keep being strong. You are almost home.


I appreciate that LR.


I’m here at Kaiser Permanente hospital waiting to get this PICC line surgery. They gave me a sedative and I can barely keep my eyes open. 2 surgeons and an anesthesiologist, so I should be good to go.


Hoping fer the best

By the way

you look slightly irritated - this is a good sign




All done and ready for more poisons… lol.

Seriously though, this team was good. Stone smooth with the scalpel.


Awesome! Glad it went well.


Cool, dude!


I’m back here at Kaiser. I met with my oncologist and am getting ready to start cycle 4 of chemo. 6 hours in this fucking chair in this freezing room. After that I have to wear chemo pump for a week… Then rinse and repeat.

I’ve got to make a decision about my oncologist. He’s the department head and looked on as one of the top practitioners in the field, but I fear he’s losing his grip. He started our consultation speaking in very negative terms… stating that the chemo wasn’t working well, the radiotherapy didn’t go well and my only hope was surgery, which I wasn’t a candidate for.

The chemo is making me nauseous and tired all over again. It’s going to take me awhile to acclimate to these toxins again.

Im going to level with you. While i am currently in remission, my neuriiphis counts have doubled since my last lab work, which is indficative of the csncer fighting hard to return.


How hard is it to switch doctors like that?

I mean I know you can do it, but how many are there willing to get up to date on yer history