D_M's Health Update


I’m doing okay. Thanks for asking. I’ve been having more good days than bad days. I can’t post much right now because I need those good days to get caught up on stuff… mostly piles of paperwork relating to disability claims, medical releases, etc. Of course on the bad days I have no desire to even be online.

I’m on short-term disability now until at least April. I just couldn’t hang with work anymore. I’m into the second round of chemo now and have completed 22 of 25 radiation treatments. It’s a real hassle carrying around both the chemo pump and TPN feeding machine, but I’m starting to get used to it.

Anyway, here’s my latest update from a few days ago…


Man, glad to hear you are doing well, DM.


You look much better in that vid! That’s awesome that the chemo isn’t making you too sick.



What a noticeable difference! You look so much better than the hospital videos.

I really think you can beat this too. You are strong with an amazing attitude. And of course, you have us cheering you on from all over the world. :blush:


I always said you were the toughest fukker of this whole bunch, D_M. Keep on keepin’ on!




Last time you said you were gona beat it you did not look convinced

this time you did

DATS A BIG +++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Bro, do you even poop?

Seriously yer plumbing working OK?


Not much and about every 3 days. The TPN is nourishment and eventually reaches the intestines in very small amounts. I have to rely heavily on laxatives.


Yeah I wondered, my experience with opiates has been similar, probably why there’s so many adds on the TV about OIC Pills.

OIC = Opiate induced Constipation.


Oh, I see.


Man, you look good! When I was sick I looked like death warmed over all of the time, and couldn’t speak nearly as well as you. I imagine that you were suffering from malnourishment for a long time, as was I, but I didn’t have to deal with chemo and radiation. I think you’re doing great!


Thanks Flannel. I think I’m past the really bad days now or at least hope so. I just finished my 23rd radiation treatment and 2nd round of chemo. One more round of chemo in a few weeks and then the surgeon will order some scans and decide if I am ready for surgery.


Wow. You have had to deal with a lot. Here’s a prayer for really smooth sailing from here on out.

Are you eating anything at all?


Sorry for the late response. So much for the really bad days being behind me. The last 3 days were pretty bad with the pain and nausea, but better today. Anyway, no I haven’t eaten a bite in about a month. I’m relying on this TPN drip for all nourishment. Today is my last radiation treatment and then one final round of chemo in about a week. .


Good ya checked in - bad news er not - Have they given you any insight on how things are going from their view?


Yes, what Six said.

Were the pain and nausea chemo related? Praying that that’s the cause and when chemo’s done you’ll get a reprieve.


It’s kind of a mixed bag. The palliative care team treats me like I’m dying, but most of their patients are very late stage and/or in hospice so I guess it’s to be expected. The surgeon and oncologist both seem upbeat , but until I get another PET scan there’s no way of knowing where things stand. They are still reluctant to discuss things like “cure” or “remission” at this point and it’s just as well. I really don’t want deal with the odds and such. I just want to get through this one step at a time.


Yes, it more chemo related.


Well, that’s good…