D_M's Health Update


His activity shows he was here early this a.m…stalking us as we slept.


I’m okay Lotus. I really appreciate your concern. Things have been quiet for the last week in the area of pain and nausea management and I’ve had some pretty decent days. I start round 3 of chemo this Thursday and that’s when things get a little dicey. I haven’t been handling the side effects real well. The biggest bummer right now is not being able to eat like a normal person. I am so damn hungry that even shitty fast food is appealing. I haven’t had a bite of food in over a month now… just this PTN solution for 17 hours a day.


Hope you’re eating a steak soon man or even some chicken noodle soup… damn.


Just make sure L_B approves of where ya got it - just pay triple and you will be fine


I guess you’re in round 3 right now, @D_M. I really hope it’s not beating you up too badly.

Thinking of you and praying for you!


Yes, I am in round 3 of chemo. The way this works is I went in Thursday morning and they infused a particularly strong combination of chemo meds for 4 hours. I believe it’s called CIS Platinum or something like that. They need to administer that under the watch of oncology RN’s. Then they hook me up to a mechanical pump and bag with a milder combination of chemo meds. This I wear around the clock for 4 days and then go back in and have it removed. It’s truly a hassle wearing the chemo pump and PTN feeding rig at the same time. It’s hard enough walking around with all this crap attached to me, but sleeping is the real challenge. My oncologist wants me to do a 4th round in a few weeks as this is a very aggressive form of cancer. After round 4 I am scheduled for CT scans and a PET scan to determine if I’m ready for surgery. God, I hope so. I’m sooooo tired of the treatments, lab work and other BS. It seems like I’m either at the hospital or having to deal with a home healthcare worker every day now. I can see how some people just throw in the towel.

Anyway, today is not too bad of a day… just mild nausea but at least I’ve got the pain in check.

Again, I really appreciate your prayers and concern. It means the world to me.

Here’s a few pics from the infusion center getting ready for round 3. Don’t be alarmed by my weight loss.


Ah the infusion room, with its comfy chairs and warmed blankets. I wish I was there to tell you jokes and talk about murders.

Your weight loss is pretty drastic. You should bottle that when you’re done and put Jenny Craig out of business.

Still hoping only the best for you DM. Keep up the good fight!



Yeah, I could stand to lose a few pounds, I wish I had cancer, lol…

Seriously, DM, hang in there, we are ALL pulling for you. I’m sure you want a cheeseburger as bad as the rest of us want you to have one. :ThumpsChestAndPointsAtYou


Dude I’m alarmed by your weight loss, not counting you out though, hope they have you eating again soon.


Hoping for the best D_M - Take 15 minutes at a time if you could


Here’s to getting lots of sleep, eating something excellent, and being done with the chemo!


can you keep hydrated intravenously?


Yes you can.


Yes, the TPN IV feeding solution is liquid and supplies a sufficient amount of hydration. I am also able to sip small amounts of water throughout the day.


Can you eat any food at all while on the tube?


I find myself fantasizing a lot about food and have started a list of stuff I’m going eat when I finally get to that point. It’s pretty ugly… all the stuff I normally would avoid like the plague.


I can, but getting food down is still nearly impossible. I’m working on it though… just a half a Boost or a few spoonful’s of chicken broth each day.


No need to ask about smoking

I bet you can smell one 300 feet away now


More like half a mile, I’d guess.


Yeah, and I still crave them. I could go for a Pall Mall right about now.