D_M's Health Update


Every now and then it hits me and I quit in 1974


I have dreams where I’m smoking again and loving it. Scares the shit out of me.


Can’t believe I JUST saw this thread.

DM, if there’s anything I can do let me know. I mean ANYTHING


I think one of the hardest aspects of quitting smoking was constantly have a visualization about lighting up a smoke. Then I would realize, no, I can’t do that anymore.


Thanks, man. I’m good for now. I really appreciate it though.


Just for future reference, I am A +, if you need some spare parts, or anything.


Reg will take part of yer brain - seems he is deficient in that area


Pristine condition, never used

o wait, I thot Reg was donating, n/m


Hallelujah. Today was D day for me. Got a PET scan 2 days ago and met with my surgeon today. The tumor has shrunk and I will have the surgery on April 10. Also, for the first time my surgeon used the words “potential cure”. I am ecstatic today.

I want to thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers. I really do appreciate it and I do believe it made a difference. In a sense you guys are helping save my life.

I’m by no means out of the woods but today is definitely a step in the right direction.


Yes - HURRAH !

Good goin, DM. Ya dun good.


Glad to hear it man!


Great, I been wondering everyday how things were going!


Great news Bro!!! Maybe that bunny has magical healing powers!


Oh DM!!! That’s awesome news!!! We are going to keep with the thoughts and prayers until you are 100% again.


fan FUCKING tastic. We will keep up the good thoughts, you keep up the good work.


Wow! I am really, really happy for you! :balloon: :balloon: :sunflower: :+1:


Oh, I’ve also invested some time using healing stones and subliminal audio CD’s. I know it’s kind of new agey stuff, but it seems to help. I’m trying to attack this thing from multiple angles. Can’t hurt.


Beets, dude. Eat beets. Lots of beets.


Eating healthy, adding a homeopathic approach to all else, probably wouldn’t hurt, that is, when you get to eat.


I’ve been able to get down a few spoonful’s of soup, noodles, Jello and such over the past few days. That’s a major step in the right direction. I really need to put on a few pounds before the surgery. My wife talked me into trying to eat some baby food. Man, that stuff is nasty. No wonder baby’s are always spitting it out and puking it up.

Anyway, I think I covered all this here, but here’s the latest Cancer Update YouTube.