D_M's Health Update


Nooice. Baby steps, baby food. Just hang in there, baby.


I heard some gal at the dog park raving about this when she was recovering from what must have been some nasty illness or something or other, I didn’t catch what, but it sounded like she was in yer shoes, emaciated, weak and withered.


A good idea, ensure and pediasure especially are good sources of calories.


ALRIGHT man that’s AWESOME news we were hoping to hear that

Sometimes I think about asking you how’s it doing, but then I see you always here and that’s what matters

And if someone deserves to beat that fucker, it’s you

God bless your chemo and the weed, mang


Yeah, DM. Strengthen yourself for the surgery in any way you can.

And many, many congrats! Amazing. You have gone through heavy shit and deserve to come out smelling like a rose, after all that shit.


Yeah. My mother took that when she was extremely ill and couldn’t eat for months.


Glad to see ya lookin and sounding better D_M - hopefully time will fly between now and 4/10


Great! SO happy! As they say at USC, fight on!


still praying for you man. positive thought. hope it all works out


Thanks, bro. If this surgery goes as planned on the 10th, I think I’ll be good. If not a full on cure, it should at least buy me some time.


Many, many prayers and good wishes for the 10th!


Still cheering you on from the Great White North DM. I hope everything goes as planned and you’re fit as a fiddle again really soon!


i just saw this thread for the first time and read the whole thing.

damn man, i’m sorry youre in this per-dicka-mint, but glad it’s getting a bit better


How about Ensure and stuff like that?

I hope that you’re doing OK man.


I’m getting a few bites of food down now including Boost which is like Ensure. I just finished a consultation with my 2 surgeons regarding the game plan for Monday, which is the date of my surgery. This is kind of a major surgery and I don’t mind telling you I’m nervous as hell. I’ll likely stay on the feeding tube for a month or so while what’s left of my stomach and esophagus heals up.

Thanks for checking in Flannel.


You’ve got this DM. We are all pushing so hard for you that the Universe is bound to award one of us some karma points to make this a smooth operation for you.


Surgery is a big deal, no matter how minor or major it is. But thousands are done everyday. I think for the most part those guys are pretty good at what they do and I have no doubt the surgery will go just fine and you’ll be up to your ornery old self in no time.



There’s a truck on my street with a big decal in gothic letters that say

Fuck Cancer


I am sure yer tired of it D_M, but what the hell - local news here


Here’s to you sailing through surgery and coming out on top of this shit!


We will all be praying for you. I speak for us all when I say that!