D_M's Health Update


And let us know how you are as soon as yer up to it, would you???


Ok, first thing you have to do is get some serious tin foil underpants because they’re gonna fiddle with your dick when they put you under. I read a lot so I know it’s true. They’ll dress it up for YouTube channel puppet shows.

You gotta watch out for that.

Next, send the Jell-o on ahead, no need to HAVE to eat green. Make sure they know you have Nam flashbacks and need to be kept in a private room and away from Charlie. ALSO, and this is very important. If you’re sedated or sleeping or you’re just lying there and you hear this, fuck man, wake up! Check out time. I watch a lot of movies so I know it’s true.

Everyone here is so worried, I mean look at you TWO surgeons. Two support teams, two scalpels, have a picnic, smoke some dope hippies, have some Bartles and Jaymes while you’re at it.

See ya Tuesday, trolling starts at 8 PDT


I certainly will, Lotus.


I know exactly what you mean. Here is what they did to me during my last surgery.


Well at least your surgeon didn’t draw dicks all over you.


I know, I would have been pissed about that.


Was the surgery a success though?


Yeah. The last one was just a routine hip replacement.


You check in Sunday night for an 0 Dark thirty Surgery?



Check in is 5:30am Monday morning. Surgery will start about 8am.


Even better, I never really got the night before check in, other than they have you in a controlled environment.


We will all be with you, friend.


Thanks Doc.



Go get em!


May the doctors be skillful and the nurses hot, my friend

I’m sure lady luck is gonna keep at your side like she has


Hot nurse.


I think this one might make DM spirits better





D_M, I know you are going to do just fine but in case you don’t would you will me your gold mining pan? Thanks in advance.

Best of luck to you.


Lotta people on the case here with ya, D_M. The Force is strong.