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Medicare advantage plans have part D

they cost anywhere from prob 300 a month to zero a month -

the zero plans have less benefits and high deducts

If you have ills you pay for the benefits - if not you do the zero

If you take a none advantage plan you have to get part D seperate and then pay for plans that cover the other stuff like hospital admissions and sich

It’s very fucking complicated at first

when people go on medicare they should go to meetings that explain everything put on by the various insurers

We went

It’s all on the net if you want to drive yourself insane


Is it or is it not true that ALL that shit they ding you for used to be free before Bushco put Part D in place?


I do not know the answer to that - I would not doubt it

We pay very little for what we get because the whole works is free if you use an insulin pump - easily over 1500 a month - and she takes a lot of drugs but there only small copays - like 3 dollars

the pump alone is 8 grand and a new one every 5 years all paid for and insulin is 400 a month and strips another 100+ and other things that are prolly 300 a month and cgm another 150+ which will be a lot more if I can get her what I want to - should be approved soon.

and mandatory doctor visits to a specialist every 3 months which is paid for
hundreds fer that

and the list goes on