Defund The Proudbois


The proudboys started a YT channel, if you have a moment go report it for violence or hate speech.


I saw one Latino version from Miami, where they support right-wing dictators in Latin America.

I reported it.


derp, might help if you can find it.


wtf is wrong with these idiots…


They’re full of hate.


I couldn’t find the report button/place.

Where is that?

eta…lmao…I accidentally subscribed before I figured out how to unsuscribe.

I was horrified for about 2 minutes…


Lemme go look, i had to poke around for it.


On my android i bring up joey gibson and for me his channel pops up first with the link to his vid at the top of the que there is the vert. 3 dit drop menu click report at bottom…as i recall it’s about the same on pc.