Democrat staffers


What were they thinking? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Maybe they labeled it wrong.

Republicans voted for Trump. What were THEY thinking?

He’s a buffoon.


She’s was the first in her family to graduate with financial assistance? Why is that notable?

Also this isnt about Trumpins, stay in topic :slight_smile:


It’s about politics, is it not?

Who cares about what some underling put on her page? How is that substantive?

And when you post something that’s highlighted, guess what the reader assumes?


Because it shows she was not to the manor born, and financial assistance lifted her out of poverty. Duh.


Did you know that’s what the actual topic was about? At least in his mind. Since he referenced the entire passage, I wasn’t sure what his panties were in a bunch about.


Republican staffers just buy theirs at diploma mills lol


I really don’t, like you i thought maybe he found her activities in poor taste.


Hiking isn’t a community service. Only a moron thinks that.

She can hike her way out of office though :wink:


You should email Betsy DeVos about this grave matter.


Dey ain’t no fixin wot Boro has


You think hiking is community service? :wink:

Did the rest of her family not go to college or were they all rich?


It’s obviously a typo or editing fu, relax kid. While Americans were dying on the Gulf Coast Trump was having an extended “photo op” with a well known pop star, including a head numbing “freestyle” “rap” the embattled rap personality opened the show with, and Trump thinking he just scored the knee-gro vote.


Get a life.


Hey, if this is what Boro wants to melt down over, who are we to judge?


She keeps in shape so she can ran to help the poor folks

Boro can’t put fuking 2 and 2 together


Lol, she is against the poor.


So you admit defeat.



I admit you’re a whiney loser and regret helping you out, you ungrateful brat. There are far more deserving people.


All that because I think a Democrat staffer is an idiot?

You must have not been the good person in the first place that I thought you were.


Why are you so butthurt over my thoughts on a Democrat staffer?