Democrat staffers


And @Oak, how are you gonna talk like your words are numbered? If it pained you that much to give someone advice, perhaps you shouldn’t do it in the first place.

Me, being a good person, doesn’t mind helping ANYONE out. :slight_smile:


I am tired of your stupidity.


I get tired of your retardation but I don’t say you’re undeserving of help.



Wtf are you talking about? I haven’t given you advice on anything.

You hsve a bad attitude and clearly haven’t learned anything from your misfortune.


Where is my bad attitude? I’m not the one saying someone isnt worthy of help. You are.

I expect more humanity from a medical professional.


I dont neef help. It would be great if conservatives ever had good manners and respect. You don’t know the first thing about being polite.

You’re always rude and dumb.


I was compasionate and you respond by continuing to be rude and stupid.

There are people in Fl that need help. I bet they would be appreciative.

Well, lesson learned. Conservatives are ungrateful.


How you gonna say I dont have respect and manners when you’re talking down to me?

Shame on you.


Send Florida your prayers then cause that’s literally all you’ve done for me.



You started it with saying stupid things to me about a non-issue.


Bullshit! Ingrate.


So what have you helped me with?


This topic was turned around by you.

And you literally can’t challenge that… it’s an absolute fact.


If you don’t know, you’re not paying attention.


:roll_eyes: so can we conclude this argument with you yielding or nah?
I can go for days, especially considering I’m not the one in the wrong here.



Yielding what?

You have to present something. I know stupid people can go on for days. There’s one going on two years now in Washington.


Every politician here is stupid… you’re right.

They all wear Ds, too. Coincidence?


They must need more bible thumping conservative voodoo, that’d fix everything. :slight_smile:


They need more tax cuts an gunz.