Democrat staffers


and the womens need to be made to wear Burkhas so conservatives don’t rape them.


Pregnancy reduces rape, fact! Pregger wimmin are safer wimmin!


How about no new taxes?

Literally no reason.


Lmao no. Need libertarians.


You like Trump though, how do you think he’s going to pay for those massive tax cuts for the wealthiest?


Link to where I said I like Trump?


Oh I know you don’t like Trump or the republicans that’s why you only hate on democrats. :slight_smile:


I think a lot of shit both sides are doing is asinine, but everyone here is a Democrat… can’t let the place be an echo chamber :wink:


I have papers proving I am not a registered Democrat, do you?


Massive tax cuts grow the economy and that will pay the taxes. Keep in mind that Obama put the country 10 trillion further in debt.


I have the papers proving that I am a Democrat. I registered back in the Kennedy era.:slightly_smiling_face:


Why was it necessary for Obama to increase the debt, what was happening in in the world as he took the oath of office?


Do you not remember the Democrat inspired housing blunder?


The Keating 5, you mean starring McStumpy?


But that never happens though does it… same old song and dance with you con jobz… Obama put us further in debt and so will you fiscally unconservative conz…


Trickle down economics don’t work


Which side of the aisle ever said it did?


Don’t blame conz for the elitist repubs.

Conz are societies overtaxed slaves, until they smarten up.:grin:


LOL and that will be like never. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cons are scum - Nothing more