Democrat staffers


Get back in your tent. Pronto.


He cant sleep in a tent… his back would never forgive him.



Why do you insist of being disrespectful?

You too will be an “old people” someday and now that you’re wrecked, you’ll be there quicker than many.


Well in a fight, I’d still bet on the old guy kickin yer ass lol


One that he roundly deserves. His attitude stinks!




Considering I’m a cripple right now lol


Neither would yours.


I slept in a tent two days ago.

My necks wrecked, not back.


Back to ignore.You’re not worth my time.


I’d ignore you for being rude, but it doesn’t bother me


You should stop picking on the kid, he was recently injured if you recall.

What are you, a Cyber Bully?


What does his injury have to do with his asinine behavior? He picks on people injured or not. Why the double standard?

And ignoring someone is not bullying them, it’s disengaging from behavior that I find appalling.


You definitely started at me, if you dont recall. I was on topic and you took a stab.

Scroll up if you forgot.

:man_shrugging: While I don’t give a shit about bullies, the escalation was in your name.


wahhh I’m a huge shithead and they’re picking on me mom…


And his god cheeto picks on the weak and lame and ill - go figure


My post was meant to be a funner. Jeez.:grin:

She has loost her sense of humor. I blame Trump.


I’m tired of GOP victimhood.


I’m tired of libs starting shit then blaming people.



^^^ something a “victim” might say