Democrat staffers


Sure… victim. I can prove it too.



Can’t I make one post laughing at Democrat politicians without some liberal talking shit to me then saying I’m the one at fault? Can I get one week where Oak is a level headed, non spastic individual?


“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

(Hunter Thompson)


Definitely something a victim would say.


He wants to poke at people, the whine when he gets bit.


Typical “I hate PC victim”, wants to spew BS but cries when his BS is pointed out.


I never poked at you until you started talking shit.
Scroll up.



Maybe I should just block the intolerant idiot :thinking:

Nah, it’s fun to copy her behavior and watch her squirm.


Apparently, the whining will continue.


Just like your elitist, pig-nasty attitude :wink:


As ye sew, so shall ye reap.


I treat others how they treat me. Oak is a sniveling lunatic elitist that happens to have an off and on crazy side. This is an absolute fact and can be cited for the last decade.
:thinking::man_shrugging: I’ve told her before. If she treats me well, she would be treated well.

For example, she failed to treat me well in this thread. She attacked me first so I attacked back.
Why did she get butthurt about an idiot Democrat staffer? The world may never know.


You’ve been a dick unprovoked in many threads here. Please don’t act like this is some isolated thing you are facing. It’s unbecoming of a libertarian to pretend like this.



Each thread is like a new day


And yet even you remember from old ones

Yer head injury is affecting you


Perhaps :man_shrugging:


This thread is going on for days. I believe it’s better not to argue. It’s going nowhere. Not a new thread or day at all though


I don’t think you understand by what is meant by “a new day”


Lmao. There goes her 1/1024 Native side FB_IMG_1540173009718