Did ya ever fetch one of them 7 buck windows keys off ebay


Instead of paying fer an upgrade?



They work


I know - I just been working on two - fucking lot of upating thou - WIn 7 Pro - only way to go thou I don’t need pro

Was running XP on one and vista on the other

My wife plays some java solitaire games IDIOTSDELIGHT.NET - if the games don’t work I am a dead man - my fucking brain had to go to the third rail to get them to work ON 7

there is a IE tab extension in chrome that was part of the puzzle


These extensions are a pain in the ass

They all got obsolete on this new Firefox

Your best bet is to install older software and don’t update the system completely

Disable all updates on it when all’s working fine

Install deep freeze to avoid viruses fucking it up


a computer for the masses


All good points fer sure - but then other stuff don’t work

Some stuff just flat don’t run -


I think you should consider getting a new wife :smiley:


I trained my wife offa that problematic stuff. Now she plays Rummikub 24/7 online. All it takes is a laptop with a busted screen, Frankensteined up to a monitor and keyboard and mouse, and a willingness to pay the seven bucks to the cable company for a bigger data allotment.


My addiction is spider solitaire, two suits. When I got this new comp a year ago, windows 10, I was in hell. But now I can play an acceptable and fast version of SS in the Chrome browser, no hassle, ignore the ads which are well behaved… www.solitairebliss.com


I got a new router from the cable co and none of my ancient stuff would work

By ancient I mean when you go to get updated drivers they send ya to a screen that laughs at ya.

So it was time cause the new router got more juice


This is the ultimate solitare - 692 games - 10 bucks - remembers every game - charts stats
10 bucks - no internet needed - free trial

Outstanding graphics

had it for years