Did you ever notice that the people who hate big government


and don’t want to pay taxes are also the people who demand a gigantic, monstrous military that gets bigger with every passing skirmish?


Maybe because big governments are usually a drain of money and they tend to leave the country in ruins

In times like the one we’re living right now, a strong army is more important than a big government

Maybe one day the world will manage to get rid of all menaces. Then, no more armies will be needed.


Wow. That was some fancy footwork there, rancid.


Not everybody can be fooled by the Obamas and Trudeaus, ya know


I’m really not referring to either of them. Cons and Dems are equally guilty of spending ridiculous amounts on the military. I am talking about citizens who screech about their taxes, and then cheer assholes like Trump when they start trillion-dollar wars for no good reason.



Did you know we give 9 billion in our tax dollars (in)directly to WalMart so that they can screw their employees and not pay their own taxes?


You think I like Walmart? Or big government?

When it comes to people, I HATE anything big.

Big cities, big countries, big religions, big ideas, it’s all just BIG SHIT.

Sometimes it looks like liberals think people who don’t think like them actually enjoy the bad stuff that it happens in this world, like wars, and while there might be evil individuals and corporations who profit with these things, I can say 99% don’t like people being blown to bits in some desert 6000 miles away.

However, we don’t think it’s all a matter of “spread the money and the love and everything will sort itself out” situation.

No offense Lotus, but I think that if people who think like really could, they simply go commie on everything they could, only to see the countries who invented this ideological disease move and getting rid of all their “American Comrades” in a heart beat.

You people want to remove the sheriff to basically put the criminals in charge.


Yeah. HEY, news flash, rancid. I don’t think that, either. You’re so busy telling me what I think, you have no time to ask me what I actually think.